Welcome to Sofie's corner! Here I will talk about my favorite dramas and bands, mainly K-drama and K-pop because ever since 2011 I have been hooked. So now I am going to bore you with the details of how it all began.

It was the year 2011, a young Sofie had just started her second year of high school. Life was filled with studyin, school and tv-shows. What the young girl did not know was that soon her life would change forever. In her early years, Sofie had appreciated the kind companion of manga and anime. It was a thrust wordy friend, with magic, high-school drama and heroines.

On a rainy afternoon, as the girl was studying, her younger sister (whom she had shared her love of manga and anime with) was excited to tell her about a tv-show that was recommended to her. The younger sister told her about the story, but what made this drama so special? Well, the drama came from the land in the East, South Korea.

After the first episode they were mesmerized. It had everything, it was colorful, happy, dramatic, innocent, thrilling, sometimes confusing but most importantly it had beautiful actors and actresses. They were hooked! It was like a whole new world had appeared before them. They recognized this feeling, it was the same feeling they got when they discovered manga and anime. They wanted more! So they kept looking, searching the internet for new dramas to watch. They fell in love with actors and started to look them up online. This is when they realized that most of the actors and actresses was part of a band.

This leads our story to the next chapter: K-Pop.

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My top 10 favourite korean dramas:

  • A Gentleman's Dignity
  • Master's Sun
  • To the Beautiful You
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
  • School 2013
  • I Hear Your Voice
  • You Who Came From the Stars
  • Doctor Strange
  • Cinderella and the Four Knights
  • While You Were Sleeping

Currently reading:

  • Shine - Jessica Jung

Currently watching:

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Currently listening to on repeat:

  • After School - Weekly

My favourite K-Pop bands:

  • Super Junior
  • Big Bang
  • Girls' Generation
  • 2ne1
  • Blackpink
  • Twice
  • Block B
  • SHINee
  • iKON